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Sitting Down New Smoking

Study suggests that’s “sitting down new smoking,” is the way to go, says first author Jeanette Garcia, an assistant professor of sport and exercise science at the University of Central Florida.

With technological advancements, the amount of time spent sitting has tremendously increased over the past few decades.


My Sitting Habit At The Reception

sitting for 8 hours

I got a part-time job as a receptionist in 23 story building apartments, which was quite good experience I had, I learned a lot in a duration of one year.

At the reception, there was a big screen installed with cameras, and my job was to sit for 8 hours watching the cameras at the same time attending to clients who were looking for apartment to move in.

I used to sitting while glued on the screen camera and the only time I walked is when I was going to the toilet or checking the outside parking if there was any outsider parking in the apartment parking.

Each parking had number that marched the apartment according to floor number, so I had to make sure no outsiders would park there just to avoid inconvenience to the tenant.

Within 5 months time, I started feeling uncomfortable on my left leg, I used to feel like there were no blood flow on my left leg and it sometimes felt numb.

During that month I started doing some research on Google and came across some articles that lighten me on the effect of sitting for a longer period.

I had to do something, cos it’s my health and I have to take care of it.

Lucky, the building had gym so during the day when it was not busy, I could sneak out for ten minutes, I go to the gym and do some stretch exercise on my legs, and that really helped me a lot.

That’s just me sitting at the reception and sometimes walk around but still developed the leg problem, what about many people who have sedentary lifestyle or mostly who sit and glued to TV watching series movies?

Study found that those sitting and watching four or more hours of television per day had a 50% higher risk of heart issues and death, compared to those watching two hours or fewer per day.


Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic is credited with coining the phrase, sitting is the new smoking. In LA Times interview, he went even further: Sitting is more dangerous than smoking, kills more people than HIV and is more treacherous than parachuting.

You can confirm from the link below on how the top-ranking doctors of Mayo Clinic take on Sitting Down New Smoking.

In demographic study results, adults reported the quantity time they’d spent sitting at work using computer, watching television and exercising.

It was monitored the contributors’ health over eight years, during which 129 had a cardiovascular issue and 205 died.

Higher percentage rate on people sitting and watching television was noted due to conducts like, snacking while using computer, watching TV, alcohol consumption which led to disrupt in sleeping patterns, and was also linked with cardiovascular disease.

Furthermore, as individuals age, physical activity decreases while sedentary behavior and risk of

chronic disease increase.

Let’s look at heart attack as one of cardiovascular disease due to Sitting as a new Smoking.


Heart Attack

Heart attack may occur when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked, the blockage is often accumulation of fat, cholesterol and other substances, which mold a plaque in the arteries that feed the heart [coronary arteries] The plaque finally breaks away and forms a clot.

The heckled blood flow can damage part of the heart muscle.

Heart Attack


Below are the common heart attack signs and symptoms;

1. Fatigue

2. Difficult in breathing

3. Sudden dizziness

4. Cold sweat

5. Nausea, Indigestion, heartburn or stomach pain

6. Tightness, Pain, or aching in your chest or arms that spread to your neck,

jaw or back, Pressure


The Risk Factors

Heart attack risk factors include:

1. Obesity is linked with high blood cholesterol levels, diabetes, high triglyceride levels and high blood pressure

2. Age is a risk factor, Aged 45 men or older and aged 55 women or older are more possible to have a heart attack than younger men and women.

3. High blood pressure is a risk factor that transpires with other conditions, like high cholesterol, obesity or diabetes.

However, a high level of high-density Lipoprotein [HDL]cholesterol [“good” cholesterol] lowers your risk of heart attack.

4. Diabetes. Slighter hormone not acknowledging to insulin properly causes your body’s blood sugar levels to rise, which increase your risk of heart attack.

5. Having stress. The way you respond to stress can increase your risk of a heart attack.

6. Smoking tobacco. This includes smoking and long-term exposure to secondhand smoke.

7. Having Metabolic Syndrome makes you twice as likely to expand heart disease than if you don’t have it.

8. Lack of physical activity contributes to high level of blood cholesterol and obesity. Losing just 10 percent of your body weight can decrease this risk.

9. Using stimulant drugs like amphetamines or cocaine can trigger a spasm of your coronary arteries that can cause heart attack.


Prevention Measures

It’s never too late to take steps to prevent heart attack.

Ways To Prevent Heart Attack

Medications. Taking the first step to get medication can decrease your risk of a subsequent heart attack which may help your damaged heart to function better.

Continue to take what your doctor prescribes and monitoring yourself often can really improve your heart.

Lifestyle factors. Maintain a healthy weight with a heart-healthy diet by exercising regularly.


Avoid smoking at any cost, control stress and manage conditions that can lead to heart attack, such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

People who do exercise regularly have better cardiovascular fitness, including lower high blood pressure.

Recent research shows that high levels of exercise can lessen some risk.

Sitting. Try to minimize and monitor your hours of sitting, cos there seems to be a threshold around 10 hours of sitting.

Research shows that if you hit more than 10 hours, your cardiovascular risk really goes up, which may lead to heart attack.



No matter how busy you are, you must take physical activity seriously on regular Exercise,
this includes vigorous muscle strengthening exercises. It’s the simple mantra for sedentary lifestyle.

Most importantly, don’t abandon your diet; ingest home-cooked food that is rich in nutrition.

Stay healthy and fit.





  1. Charles

    Thank you very much for creating this needed awareness about this very topic, I do find it hard to understand how convenient it is for some to sit down on a spot for four hours without stretching or trying to do some other things. It is really risky to live such life hence I can’t agree less with your point that one has to engage in physical exercise and some workouts so as to maintain a good health.

    • admin

      Hey Charles, 

      Am grateful for your response and agree  with you on how you find it hard for someone to sit for four hours without stretching, not that I was not stretching, I used to do it every time my body felt like stretching. 

      This how i used to do it, I could stand up, stretch like a minute then back to sitting and I felt some relief, sometimes I used to go outside and check the parking just to avoid the sitting, but it was only for a few minutes coz the management required me to be just glued on the CCTV camera. 

      If I compare the minutes I used to stretch and walk outside is quite little, and I came to realise it was not enough when I started developing numb muscles on my left leg. 

      Later I had to quit the job because of my health issues. 

      Regards From, 


  2. Zikora

    Hi There, I like the term because with technology, we all talk about how much we sit but dont get to compare it with something as unhealthy as smoking. I walk almost every week day at lunch and part of that is because of the brain fog i get due to sitting all day and no time to work out. 

    This is a wake up call as there is a clear correlation between our new lifestyle sitting and the heart health issues increase.
    thanks for the reminder to stay active!

    • admin

      Hey Zikora,

      Thanks so much I appreciate your feedback, you see, when you ask majority of people to choose between Smoking and sitting as a negative effect to your health, most people will side with smoking as a negative effect. 

      But if you do research, you will be amazed how sitting has the most negative effect to our health, 

      It’s  a smart move to hear that you walk almost every week and I encourage you to also be using stares instead of  elevator. 

      Thanks ones again. 

      Regards From, 


  3. Claudio

    Hello Friend,
    The deterioration in health that people who spend many hours sitting in the chair is very true. In my case I work many hours in front of the computer always sitting. 

    I began to feel pain I realized that the origin was the activity that had been developing.

    Today I work standing 80% and sitting 20%. Apart I go jogging 3 times a week with different stretching exercises included. I feel very good. 

    Thanks for such an interesting post!

    • admin

      Hey Claudio,

      It’s wonderful to hear from you and concur with me by sharing the same experience.

      I never knew that sitting too much can affect your health to a great extent, what lead me 

      to came up with this article is what I went through while sitting for long and affected my leg

      Am glad you notice the effect and found a solution, I also do some Stretch exercise and sometimes 

      I go swimming, atlist to strengthen my leg and ease the blood flow. 

      Thanks for the standing idea. 

      Regards From, 



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