Protest in Sri Lanka – What’s Happening?

Protest in Sri Lanka – in this post, we will discuss facts- check the current situation and the latest news in Sri Lanka. The economic crisis has increased to an all-time high resulting in people crowding the streets of Colombo.

 President Gotapaya Rajapakse and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa have thrown Gotabaya, who is out of power, has supposedly flown out of the country.


1. FIRST ISSUE IN SRI LANKA: (Protest in Sri Lanka)

Why should the people of Sri Lanka come together and stage a huge revolution and throw away the rules of their country?

The two rulers of their country are the prime minister and the president. Both belong to the Rajapakse family. Gotabaya Rajapakse and Mahinda Rajapakse. Both of them mortgaged their country’s main projects to China.

They started big projects in their country by taking excessive loans from China for that. Financial support for the project has ended. So China has taken over all control of the project. It is time to repay the loan and interest. Sri Lanka suffered a lot due to COVID for two years.


The people of any country get angry when this kind of thing happens. No matter how big or small the country is, they get angry. They fear that our country’s land will be given to another country.

This fear has been with the Sri Lankan people for many years. Tourism has suffered a lot since COVID. After that, agriculture has been affected a lot.

3. Economy: ( Protest in Sri Lanka )

Sri Lanka has been managing its economy by relying on other countries. I am not wrong about this. This is their economic model. If you look at the basics, everything is imported by Sri Lanka.

For example, milk can be used only in milk powder. Basic goods are also imported. US dollars are needed for that import, which is used all over the world. The price of the goods that can be imported to Sri Lanka has become high.

In Sri Lanka, petrol and diesel prices have touched the sky. Even if the price has touched the sky, there is no way to put petrol and diesel.


Countries like India, America, and China help Sri Lanka. Specifically, India helps with rice, dhals, etc. Sri Lanka is a better-developed country. Rajapakse’s family is only the main reason they brought him into this situation.


People in this situation have abandoned Mahinda Pakse’s position. He ran away and resigned. Ranil Wickramasinghe was given the prime minister post. Then Gotabaya Rajapakse took that position to rule over and said that he was for the country. All the people in Sri Lanka started their protest against the Rajapakse family.

At that time, police should put rules on protests. They have threatened to put you in jail if you protest. People protest on one side. They want to take this rule and they want economic freedom. People have given their support to protesting and filed a case in court. The judge permitted a demonstration.


Following the court’s approval, individuals began arriving in Colombo from throughout Sri Lanka. They are not coming by vehicle, because there was no petrol or diesel.

They are coming on public transport. Overcrowded buses and overcrowded trains are traveling by overcrowded people to reach Colombo. Everyone besieged the president’s palace. Protest terror is happening everywhere.

There was a massive siege in front of the prime minister’s house. This protest has already alerted Sri Lanka’s military forces. They saved the Prime Minister and President Gotabaya Rajapakse.

7. LUXURIOUS LIFE: ( Protest in Sri Lanka )

People entered the president’s house. They were shocked to see a lot of money inside the house and they saw 17 million Sri Lankan currency found inside the palace. They lead a lavish lifestyle. If there is so much money still within the house, then how much currency will be taken in hand?

People do not have enough food to eat. But they are living so comfortably. They are living a luxurious life without any pain. But the people are living with hunger and starvation. They came to India as refugees for safety and food. People are forced into that situation. But those rulers are living a very luxurious life.

Prime minister Ranil Wickramasinghe’s official house and his own home were fired upon by protesters.


The Sri Lankan people saw this and became angry with them. Sri Lankan rulers have been nasty. People have tried to throw them out of power. Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapakse flees to Singapore.He resigned from his post as president.

Ranil Wickramasinghe took over as interim president of Sri Lanka.


What about the future of Sri Lanka? The question arises for everyone. The control of Sri Lanka goes to the speakers. They will hold elections again. Before the election, until then, MP can choose their common head.

In Sri Lanka, they had no money to conduct a new election, so they decided to choose the president in parliament. If you ask if the new president will solve this problem, the answer is no. Because Rome was not built in a day and also destroyed in a day,

A new leader has more and more responsibilities and wants to build the economy. They will take a loan from the IMF (international monetary fund). Only the IMF can lend and help the country in this situation.

But Sri Lanka is not in a position to borrow because there is no political head in Sri Lanka and the country is also unstable. If the government is stable, then only the loan will be declared.


Huge challenges for Sri Lanka because of being politically unstable. Sri Lanka has been forced into this situation for the past three years. It will take two years for them to come back to a good situation. It all depends on electing a good new leader. They need a good leader.

The main name hinted at for the next president is Sagith Premadasa. I think he will be the next Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka’s recovery process will be long and hard. Sri Lanka has been such a United country today. If it continues Sri Lankan glory will be restored.

Sri Lankan people should work hard to revive the economic conditions. Developing Agriculture regulating natural sources, and tourism are the most need of this hour. My wishes to the Lankan people.


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