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Know When It’s Time To Get New Sneakers

  1. Worn-out Sneaks
Worn-out Sneakers

Worn-out Sneakers

Researchers concluded that most sneakers should be replaced within that mileage window, especially the Worn-out Sneaks, that’s why it’s important you know when it’s time to get new sneakers.

Just like the car mileage, the great rule of thumb (or foot), courtesy of Stephen M. Pribut, a fellow at (and past president of) the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine,

who’s been practicing podiatry for 33 years says that you should wear your sneakers for about 300 to 500 miles before replacing them.

My best inspiration Wendy Bumgardner, a certified marathon coach at Road Runner’s Club of America provides quality article on when it’s time to get new sneakers on the link below.

Factors To Consider on Mileage

Lemme give you facts, the mileage depends upon several factors, such as the weight of the runner, the type of shoe and the surface you run on,”

In case you are getting blisters, am sure they may come from wearing the wrong sneakers

I advise you in your daily routine as you workout, you should consider taking a good look at your sneakers,

Pay close attention to how your body feels during and after your workouts.

When you notice the above conditions on your Sneakers, it’s time to replace them.

What To Consider When Buying Sneakers

What glitters is not gold, don’t always allow salesperson rope you into buying a shiny pair of sneakers with the latest bells and whistles on it.

A good pair of sneakers should feel comfortable as soon as you put them on.

New Sneakers

New Sneakers

Having a solid pair of sneakers is important because of your foot health ” says Ben Sweeney, coach at Brick New York

The good thing about choosing proper sneakers can help to protect you against common injuries related to your type of exercise.

To add on, workout or exercise specific sneakers can really bring up your performance, enabling for a quick direction changes.

In additional,

Walking Sneakers: According to the miles you walk estimated between 1 and 5 miles a day, the time frame to replace your sneakers is six to nine months.

Running Sneakers: As an average runner it’s required to replace them every 350 to 450 miles, which is equals to about six to nine months.

Valuable hint: In case you find yourself a quality pair of sneakers you think you can’t do without, my advice is, don’t leave them,

buy two to three or four of them.

Quality Sneakers

They will be of great help when it comes time to do the Big Challenge, you’ll have another quality pair ready to hit the gym.

When you spot a great celebrity with beautiful sportish legs, I can tell you as a fact that they know the importance and benefits of having a quality sneakers during work out.

You can confirm from a great celebrity Jennifer Lopez who is a big fan of sneakers on the link below.


Your odds of injury increase each stride you take depending on the activity you are involved in.

Like when in the Gym or running in the field, you put two to three times your body weight on to your feet.

Don’t wait until something hurts to buy a new pair of sneakers.




  1. Kat

    I was wondering if there is any particular way to measure when runners need to be replaced. Having the guide of 6-9 months for walking as well as how many miles they have been run in is a great way to help monitor when to replace runners. I hadn’t thought of it in this way before. I don’t usually do any regular walking or running, so mine will be longer than 12 months but this seems like a good way to get some comparison. I guess if you know they are hurting in any case, you need to replace them with something comfortable. Thanks for the tips. 

    • admin

      Hey Kat,  

      It’s of great pleasure to hear from you and humbled for the positive impact my article has to you. 

      You are not alone, they’re many people who do workout but no idea on when to replace their worn-out sneakers, 

      It’s quite helpful to know when to have a new ones especially if you are a person who workout every day so that it can ease your movement and comfort during your exercise. 

      You are right when you say, you might take more than 12 months cos you are not a regular runner, which is ok but still I encourage you to schedule your day atlist to have time for exercise. It might be of great advantage to your health lifestyle. 

      Am so grateful for your feedback. 



  2. Jay

    I know of several people including myself that make use of a pair of sneakers for several years before getting a new one. Like was said in this post I think it is probably because of what we use the pair of sneakers for. Sometimes the sneakers I buy are so expensive that getting rid of them after a year becomes a major problem. I do get your point on how long we should use our sneakers but there are factors that should determine if it is time to get a new pair. Sneakers obviously vary interms of quality. Getting rid of a good pair of sneakers even after making use of it for a year is definitely not for everyone.

    • admin

      Hey Jay,

      It’s wonderful to hear from you with great feedback, I concur with you on how many people including you take some time to get new sneakers, and its always apply on as guyz.

      I also agree with you on how you can be having a quality sneakers which is expensive and you are not ready to get rid of them despite it’s time limit, I can say if you are a daily workout person,

      they will still wear out and if you don’t get rid of them, you will start filling uncomfortable in them and sometimes get blisters.

      I really appreciate for your point of view and great feedback. 

      Regards from, 


  3. Willy

    This is a really helpful review truth be told because a lot of people take minor things like this for granted and it contribute to the health and state of our legs. Many people like me are not aware that shoes are supposed to be changed after a particular range of time. Thanks for  this educating review that has carefully and rightly given this guide. I Agee that shoes that appear shiny and beautiful might not last long as all that glitters is not gold and I would use this lesson learnt here dearly …

    • Bruce

      Hey Willy,
      Thanks for appreciating my article and how it has been an eye opener to you, we sometimes ignore to change our old shoes into new ones maybe because it was an original one.

      If you are a daily workout person I advise you to be more keen on your shoes cos there are the ones that determine your body balance and comfortability during your workout.

      What glitters is not gold, go in hand with cheap is expensive, you might see a shiny sneakers and when you confirm the price, is quite cheap and that’s where you know if the sneakers are fake or original.

      Regards from,

  4. Carol5162

    I have always loved company marathons and there are times I got several blisters which I did not attribute to the kind of sneakers I wore. But I realized that every time I changed sneakers, I got a little comfortable. I have been a victim of ‘glitter’ and I got  burnt several times.

    There are also those sneakers that just loose their grip on the ground after just a few wears. This is also very dangerous as it is very slippery. Very dangerous!

    Thank you for the reminder on what to look out for and the time to replace sneakers.

    Great article!

    • admin

      Hey Carol,

      Thanks for your appreciation and am sorry about the blisters, It’s good  you realized the problem and had to work on it by changing your sneakers. 

      I also through that and that’s what made me come up with this post and I have realized many people have no idea on what to do.

      About the loose grip sneakers,  I advise you to look for quality onces and don’t bother about the prices cos they are going to serve you for a quality time and be comfortable in them.

      Thanks for your feedback. 

      Regards from, 



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