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    Health Fitness Plan – Directions To Happy Life

    Regardless of whether you are Fat, Slim, Tall or short, Being healthy and fit should be a mandatory for a healthy lifestyle.

    I am going to walk you through a simple best ways on health fitness plan, nutritious food to take, and exercise three times each week for you to be as fit as a fiddle.


    Meditation To Attract Positive Energy

    Meditation To Attract Positive Energy

    As you start your day it’s always good to give thanks to the

    almighty God, Take around ten minutes to meditate to attract positive energy for your daily health fitness plan to flow well,

    As you know everything in the universe move & vibrates and so are we.

    We are all living in the ocean of energy called Unified Field.

    Making a conscious effort to maintain a higher vibration, will help you to stay tuned to your true purpose,

    and enable you to listen to your inner guidance leading you to the right path,

    Attracting the right things for you along the way.


    Water Is Life

    Water Is Life



    Water is essential in our life and i can assure you that you are not drinking enough water.





    Hydration professionals use the following factors to calculate how much water each person need.


    2. Height & Weight

    3. Activity level

    4. Temperature

    5. Diet & Stress Level.

    The basic way is to take your body weight, divide by 2. This is the number of Ounces you should be drinking each day.

    Let’s say you weigh 100lbs, you need 50lbs Ounces of water per  day, I know it sounds impossible,

    many people who exercises complain of headaches, poor performance in the gym, not sleeping and feeling tired.

    You know why? It’s because they are not drinking anywhere near enough water.

    But am here to help you with an idea, cos funny enough I have discovered so many people turn up to the gym without Water Bottle.

    You never used to drink water because you always forget to fill your Bottle up.

    But that problem will be solved with this 64oz sport water bottle! it’s the best for measuring H2o intake, you can try it and   thank me latter.

    64oz measuring water Bottle

    64oz measuring water Bottle

    Benefits Of Water; water is needed for good health and strong performance in the gym or when training anywhere.

    For your information the heart works harder to get blood to the working muscles, and when there’s not enough water in blood, both blood volume and blood pressure drops resulting to dizziness and fatigue.

    One of the main benefit of drinking water is an increase in the brain power.

    Brain is made up of 73% water, drinking water helps you think, focus concentrate and stay alert.

    Water carries acidic waste away from cell when we are dehydrated, water also helps you lose weight & it’s essential for kidney and other bodily functions.

    Drinking enough water can have a positive impact on our health, skin, well-being, sleep,    performance and concentration.

    Super Nutritious Food For Exercises

    Great Food For Fat Loss

    Great Food For Fat Loss

    1. Dairy: low-fat milk, yogurt,

    2. Fish, meat & poultry: Tilapia, ground beef & chicken breast

    3. Vegetables: Spinach, mushroom, Broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes & Green leafy salad

    4. Seeds & Nuts: Flax seeds, Almonds & sunflower seeds

    5. Oils: Avocado oil, Flax seed oil & Olive oil

    6. Fruits: Watermelon, Apples, Bananas, Blueberries & Oranges

    Daily Kitchen Timetable; Indulge in healthy food as much as you want without feeling guilty,

    your daily intake of nutritious food, I advise you to choose from the Above;

    Super Nutritious food for exercises.

    You can start with a simple Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner below

    Healthy Daily Diet

    Healthy Daily Diet

    Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with mushrooms & Oat meal

    Lunch: White rise, broccoli and venison burger

      -Snack: low-fat chocolate milk with blueberries

    Dinner: salmon, asparagus and quinoa

    NB; # Junk Food: Avoid Junk Food, cos when you take Junk Food,

    it triggers the reward center in your brain causing you to crave more and

    more to try to get that good feeling again.

    Stimulating Exercise Plan

    Cordiovascular exercise for beginner's

    Cordiovascular exercise for beginner’s

    The best time of day to exercise is the time that works best for you.

    Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and lifestyle.                                                                                                                                  Choose a time that helps you make exercise a regular and consistent part of your daily routine.

    Come up with exercise schedule that will not interfere with your job, if you’re not a morning workout person,

    try scheduling exercise after work.

    If you are a morning exercise type, make sure to give yourself a little extra warm-up time to get your body temperature elevated and your muscles,

    Do 30 minutes of Cardiovascular exercise on an empty stomach, thus the level of burn extra body fats is higher.

    The 30 minutes with high-intensity resistance training circle three times each week will maintain metabolically activate muscles and improve insulin sensitivity.

    The only Secret and Weapon for weight loss, it’s just great exercise,

    However I will mention an important point,

    If you wanna lose body fat, how you eat will be responsible for 80% of success or failure.

    # Running to boost heart rate: you can include running in one of your three days as part of your exercise,

    Running is the most essential effective way of keeping your heart rate up.

    You can end your daily exercise at list 1-2 hours before you go to bed to allow your body to relax and prepare to rest.

    Get Enough Rest: Our bodies actually build muscles while we are resting, Take some off days from your exercises,

    you can stay active on these days by going for a walk, take it easy, focus on your form and make sure to prioritize Rest.

    Take care of your body cos it’s the only place you have to live in.

    Running plays a bigger role in weight loss

    Running plays a bigger role in weight loss


    Wake-up with determination, go to bed with satisfaction and if you get tired learn to rest not to quit,

    I know it’s hard to start but don’t give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

    I can a sure you that three months from now with the following of the above on Gratitude, meditation, Drinking enough water, taking nutritious food and stimulating exercise,

    you will thank yourself later for making a wise decision to get healthy and fit.




    1. Machir Jackson

      Hi Bruce,
      Great information I really appreciate it. I gained the most from the part about drinking more water. I know I should do a better job at this. Also I appreciate what you said about not to give up. Great article.
      Thank you

      • admin

        Hae Machir, I really appreciate for your precious time just to go through my article and give encouraging response, water is so essential in our body and we should not ignore to take atlist 8 glasses.
        our body contains about 65% water and its part of energy that can attract a positive lifestyle. thanks.
        Regards, Bruce.


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