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    Hi wonderful people, you are highly welcome to my Royal health Fitness website I notice I was so passionate about fitness when I was in college.

    As a young child I used to participate in many co-curricular activities which made me be an athlete person, I didn’t miss in every sports activity like football, basketball, rugby, and hurdle race, just to name a few.

    Being in college it gave me the opportunity to scale down to more of fitness and mature enough to follow up my healthy food, at times a had to purchase numerous products for my health and equipment s that really improved my fitness.

    The Adventure That Challenge

    growing up in Africa was quite full of adventure and challenging at times especially at school where you meet different children from different backgrounds, and characters.

    At school, we used to have limited sports and the challenge came when we used to be invited for competition with other schools that had different kinds of sports, as much as we used to be defeated on my side I took it as a challenge and exposure to different sports.

    That made me have an interest of making new friends just to gain some ideas on how to work on some sports that were not available in our school, some of them used to invite me during weekends to places that had other sport just to learn some skills, and that really helps me a lot, and through hard work and always being positive no matter the hardship, I have made it through to be a success in fitness.

    That’s why I want to give back to society by guidance on the right types of equipment, methods, and products that are up to date.



    Getting Fit

    Getting Fit

    Health is one of the human values, and leaving a healthy life begins with exercises that get you fit, for your information; Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which make the cardiovascular system to work efficiently.

    There are a dozen benefits of doing exercise regularly: It Regulates blood pressure, Strengthens the heart because it’s a muscle, strengthens the lungs and bones, controls weight and helps prevent cancer.

    For you to have more energy to tackle daily chores you have to improve your heart and lung health by exercising.

    The biggest barriers to fitness are Time and motivations. I inspire you to stay healthy and fit.



    As the saying is quite tough, but remember A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    It’s discouraging to be called couch potato,  you can make it.

    Running is the way to begin

    Running is the way to begin

    If Ivan who once weighed 375 lbs and was planning on going for bariatric surgery when a Crossfit trainer told him he could do better.

    Am here for you, If you have any questions or anything to share, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

    All The Best,


    Founder of Royal Health Fitness




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